2000 Watts

2000 WATTS
RCA/BMG Entertainment
Ranking 7.25/10

After the smash success of his debut album, Tyrese is back with 2000 Watts.

The album, titled after the name of the ghetto in which he was raised is a mix of feel-good tracks, like the infectious first single "I Like Them Girls" and heart-felt struggles like those on "I'm Sorry" and "What Am I Gonna Do." Tyrese's vocal range provides an original soulful R&B style, mixing raspy, smooth and silky vocals all into each track. He also mixes up the tempo with slower ballads and more upbeat pop-esk R&B. The hottest track by far was the Jermaine Dupri- produced, "Off The Heezy".

The album also doubles as an enhanced cd, housing the story of Tyrese's rags to riches life story. If you are able to get the video to play, it's well worth the effort as it portrays a whole new side of Tyrese.

Overall, I felt this album bordered a bit to close to a pop-R&B album. I truly hope that Tyrese doesn't categorized into the ranks with 98 Degrees, N'Sync and such, because he has so much more soul then those fake groups. But Tyrese's skills shine through, making this album impressive.

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(Originally posted on HipHopCanada.com)

This review was written August 11, 2001