7 Bill$ All Stars
7 Bill$ All Stars: Da Album
Ghetto Concept
7 Bill$/BMG
Ranking 8/10

The duo of Kwajo Cinqo & Dolo comprise the independent Toronto hip-hop group known as Ghetto Concept. These two-time Juno award winners are making a splash with their sophomore album released on their very own record label, '7 Bill$ Entertainment'.

Ghetto Concept's ability to fill their label with diverse urban talents plays smoothly into their hands. Label mate, Angel Duss provides the most diversity, as her female rap verses are best highlighted on her solo track, 'Kitty Kat,' which is one of the album's best. As well, the hit singles 'Still Too Much' and 'Rest In Peace' show Ghetto Concept to be diverse conceptualists.

7 Bill$ All-Stars: Da Album is a potent display of Canadian hip-hop talent. Ghetto Concept's twelve years of dedication shine bright on this album. Their mixture of street-credible rhymes and diverse featured talent provides an impressive album.


(Originally posted on HipHopCanada.com)

This review was written April 9, 2002