For All Seasons
Track Masters/Columbia Records
Ranking 8.75/10

If you've heard of rap superstar, Nas, then naturally you've heard the name Nature associated with him. Nature and Nas were classmates back in fifth grade, and now they're rap associates. Fortunately, Nas' expertise has rubbed off onto Nature, because Nature's debut album shines like a brand new silver dollar. Known for his crisp and distinctive vocal ability, Nature made a wise decision to limit 'For All Seasons' to 13 tracks. The limitation was set so that the listener only hears the best. Indeed, the beats are sizzling and each track is tight. Nature has put together a debut album that will surely put a stamp on hip hop.

Featuring Nas, "The Ultimate High" is the next smoke-fest theme. The deep bass beat, caressed by a flute-like sound will be leaving you high. "I Don't Give A F**k" features an unnamed female artist who interchanges lyrics with Nature over a laid-back Queensbridge beat. "Younge Love" weaves an interesting tale. "Don't Stop" has an original and captivating beat. "Talking That S**t" also appeals with the same beat from one of the High & Mighty's best tracks: "Dick Starbuck: Porno Detective"

With this predominantly solo album, Nature has proven that he's not just another sidekick. This rapper has serious skills. The only downfall of the album was a few skits. However, the beats, lyrics and Nature's laid-back, smooth flowing style make up for that. If you enjoy Nas' style, then this album is a must get. If you're looking to try something new, then don't look any further. Nature is gonna leave his mark.

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This review was written September 28, 2000