No Limit/Priority Records
Ranking 0.5/10

No Limit has taken yet another turn for the worst. With the release of "Boot Camp", No Limit records CEO, Master P, has now done it all. He took this duo of 7 year olds, straight outta grade 3, allowed them to write some of their own music, and perform 17 very dismal tracks. Lil Soldiers, comprised of Freequan and Ikem, had better not quit school to pursue their rap career, because they've got a lot of growing up to do before they'll ever be able to put out a decent album. They lack lyrics that go beyond the themes of "i'm a soldier, yeh yeh...", "i'm better than you...", "lovin the money...", which the exception of a song dedicated to their mama. But it's seems nowadays every artist does that (i.e. Snoop Dogg, Spice Girls, Boyz II Men, 2pac...) The beats are even less than average.

There were very few songs that I enjoyed, but "Shout It Out" and "Get Up" were respectable. Thus by logical induction, this album sucked big time. It was one of the worst albums I've heard since Rakim's 'The 18th Letter'. If you see this album in your local record store, I wouldn't even consider buying it. I feel bad for these kids, because they might let the novelty of having a mainstream album, cloud their vision of the necessity of education. I just hope that executive producer Master P hasn't led them down the wrong path in life.

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This review was written June 11, 1999