The Beatnuts - Classic Nuts
Classic Nuts Vol. 1
The Beatnuts
Ranking 8/10

Over the past ten years, the afro-spanish stylings of the Beatnuts, have grazed the mainstream and maintained considerable credibility on the underground. Their funky, sample-laden style lends well to the underground, as it provides a fresh and timeless feel.

After six releases, it only seems natural for The Beatnuts' seventh album to be the best of their brew. It's a simple way of raising mainstream awareness of their underground presence. As well, the result is an album that doesn't disappoint. As with most underground albums, it grows on you thicker than bark on a Ponderosa Pine.

The album includes the amazing hits, 'Off The Books' (which launched the career of the late Big Punisher), 'No Escapin This,' 'Se Acabo (remix)' and 'Turn It Out.' As well, this album brings some of The Beatnuts older, lesser-known hits to the table. It also presents two new tracks, 'We Got The Funk' being one of my favorites.

Classic Nuts Vol. 1 is a very credible greatest hits album. Although it only has 12 tracks, The Beatnuts show that they know how to please. This album is a funk-laden and enjoyable album. Let it grow on you, and you'll end up a fan.

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This review was written March 10, 2002