No Limit/Virgin Records
Ranking 7/10

One of the most anticipated No Limit albums of the year has finally hit the streets. Fortunately, this double album doesn't disappoint.

TRU consists of the trio of Miller boyz who form the tank behind No Limit Records. The artist's names: Master P (supposedly retired from the rap game), C-Murder & Silkk The Shocker. These three brothers have come together on their previous two albums to find considerable success, with their last album reaching double platinum status. Their style: hardcore rap with the occasional R&B gem and an entourage of featured artists that don't extend beyond Master P's own No Limit Record's label. These factors, mixed with Master P's gritty down-south hustler vocals, C-Murder's in your face Tupac-tinged style and Silkk The Shocker's ingeniuity and creativity, make for a relatively impressive double album.

The first single, "Tru Homies" just makes you smile. It's got the best summertime feel of any song that I've heard this season. You'll wanna have in pumpin as you pull up to a red light in your mobile. The second single, "Hoody Hoo", not only has one of the longest videos of the summer, but has beats and lyrics that'll grow on you like corn on the cob. The chorus of "Hoody Hoo..." tends to get a bit annoying, and in fact pops up in several songs throughout the album, reminiscent of Master P's overused "Ughhhhhhh". "RIP Kevin" is without a doubt an R&B gem. Dedicated to TRU's cousin Kevin, it interweaves soul-tinged lyrics and parting words by all three Miller boyz, as well as eye-watering chorus by O'Dell & Porsha. "The Ghetto Is A Struggle" has an extremely catchy scratch that plays well all the way through the song, and the chorus will draw you in as well. "Dangerous In My City" has the most original beat and'll get you on your feet with your body bouncin.

"Da Crime Family" would have been so much better if they'd cut it down to a single album with 20 songs. In total, you get 29 tracks and seven to nine tracks could easily have been cut away, and would have resulted in a much better release. We are, however, talking about money-hungry No Limit Records and the double album will pull it in more money. "Da Crime Family" was relatively impressive and if you enjoy gangsta rap or No Limit Records, then you'll probably enjoy this album. Several tracks almost seem laced with Tupac's style, which might entice you to give this album a try. If this had been one cd (with the worse tracks removed), instead of two, then I would have given it a 4.5, but it isn't!

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This review was written June 16, 1999