Ranking 0.5/10

The Canadian rapper, Dallah Bill, fits the description of the real Canadian dollar to a tee: low in value, weak in market worth, and has very little consumer buying power. That's right, Dallah Bill's first album since being released from jail is very weak. The album, entitled The Almighty Dallah Bill, isn't mighty at all. In fact, it should have been put on the shelf just like the real Canadian dollar bill, which incidentally was replaced 16 years ago by a coin called the 'loonie'. Therefore, I draw the conclusion that this album would most appropriately have been titled, The Almighty Loonie.

All joking aside, Dallah Bill really needs to work on his skills. The beats are average. Dallah Bill's rhyming flow is weak. His lyrics provide no conscious or intellectual depth. And for the first time in my life, I found myself turning the music level down when I pulled up next to someone in my mobile: I didn't want them to hear the weak music to which I was listening.

The only plus side of this album was the backup female vocalist. She had skills and was able to salvage the mess that Dallah Bill weaves. Aside from that, if you haven't figured it out already, the album was pretty weak.

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This review was written August 16, 2001