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DJ IV - Exit 0
Exit 0 Mixtape
Change The Game
Ranking 2.5/5

Change The Game (CTG) Records, based out of Halifax , Nova Scotia, has been generating a strong buzz within the region. Headed by Scott Doucette aka Douce, the label boasts nothing short of 15 emcees and one DJ. Exit 0 introduces the public to the label's talent, as Moncton DMC Champ DJ IV provides the cuts.

CTG chose to have their artists rap over popular instrumentals, rather than originals. It's my theory, this route either requires the artists come through with their tightest rhymes. Unfortunately this isn't always the case on the Exit 0, as some cuts like 'Stunt 365' comes through weakly. As well, with 31 tracks in the mix, it can be a bit of a long listen.

However, the mixtape does help bring the roster's tightest emcees to the forefront. With the mixtape playing the background, two emcees jump out as having the most distinctive vocals and complementing flow/delivery: Phakt & J-Bru. On 'New Brunswick Invasion 3,' Phakt provides the amazing lyricism and flow for which he is renowned; easily making this cut the best track on the mixtape. 'The Indian Flute' & 'Mr. Likka, Mrs. Phat Booty' provide some pointed erotic lyricism at the hands of J-Bru.

At the same time, the mixtape introduces a number of obviously talented emcees including Cess, Bonshah, Microphone Jones & Spesh K. Even snowboarder Trevor Andrews aka Trza comes through with a tight verse on 'All Eyes on TRZA.'

Overall, Exit 0 provides a nice introduction to CTG, but left me yearning to hear these emcees' ability to put out full albums over original beats.

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This review was written November 20, 2004
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