Fieldy's Dreams - Album Sampler
Album Sampler of Rock N Roll Gangster
Fieldy's Dreams
Epic / Sony
Ranking 8.5/10

The album sampler for Rock N Roll Gangster provides a barrage of ganja-influenced rap. The result is an energy induced rap-based sampler, which stylistically borders on works of Cypress Hill and Kottonmouth Kings. In fact, Fieldy's Dreams is a solo project by Korn bassist, Fieldy.

The sampler features only 4 tracks from the album, but all four rise above expectations and create hype for the full album. The included tracks are 'Baby Hue Hef,' 'Are You Talkin To Me,' 'Just For Now' and 'Put A Week On It.'

Based on the sampler, I'd suggest that if you're a Korn, Cypress Hill or Kottonmouth Kings fan that you pick up this album.

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This review was written May 2, 2002