Ghetto Postage

No Limit/Priority Records
Ranking 7/10

The don, C.E.O., executive producer, the main man in charge of everything to do with No Limit Records is also its biggest superstar. Master P is back, this time with a slew of new producers that help give his album, 'Ghetto Postage' an original feel.

Over the past few years, Master P's image had started to go downhill with the release of a series of weak albums. But just as I started to think that No Limit Records no longer had anything to offer, Master P's album caught me off guard. The album actually impressed me. This is likely a result of a few new No Limit features: 1. Some of this album's beats were really fresh and 2. Master P made an effort to reduce the number of annoying rants, yells and shout outs in his songs. These changes kept me in tune with the album.

"Gold In They Mouth", "B I Like", and "I Don't Give A What" were all hot tracks. "Souljas," "Doo Rags," and "Would You" also impressed. As well, "Still Ballin'" and the sizzlin' smooth sultry "Always Come Back To You" caught my attention due to their respective similarity to 2pac's "Hail Mary" and an Christion track from '97.

Master P caught me off guard with this well-guided attack. 'Ghetto Postage' shows promise of change within No Limit Records and hopefully more quality and less quantity. Master P could have cut out the four skits and a few other tracks without hurting this album. Nonetheless, the impressive tracks outweight the weak. If you're a fan of Master P, then you best check this album out.

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This review was written February 5, 2000