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Ranking 6.5/10

After the massive success of Limp Bizkit's very impressive, last album, 'Significant Other', Fred Durst (lead singer) made a key statement, which stuck in my mind. He said something to the effect, that if people thought 'Significant Other' was a great album, then they'd be blown away by his next album. Well here we have his next album, entitled 'Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water.' As oddly titled as it might seem, I obviously placed high expectations on the album. That was a mistake. Fred Durst should have eaten his words, because this album is good, but not better than his last.

Limp Bizkit is a unique group that helped forge the movement of a rap/metal/rock mixture into the mainstream. They're overwhelming success, has plunged them firmly into mainstream, but as a result has cost them many anti-mainstream fans. Lead singer, Fred Durst's ability to rap over beats by DJ Lethal and metal guitar work, put him on the edge. Unfortunately this album, shows experimentation: There are several slower songs, which just aren't very appealing. As well, the outro is over 9 minutes long and is not at all interesting.

"Rollin' (air raid vehicule)" is my favorite track. This is the album's second single and is sure to get you pumped while reciting the catchy chorus. "Hot Dog" has a great upbeat head bumpin' feel to it. Fred Durst borrows key chorus lines from several Nine Inch Nail songs, blends them together to give this track a tight feel. Other impressive tracks are: the 1st single, "My Generation", "Getcha Groove On" feat Xzibit, "Take A Look Around (Mission Impossible)" & "Rollin' (Urban Assault Vehicule)" featuring Method Man, Redman and DMX.

Overall, 'Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water' was not as impressive as 'Significant Other.' Limp Bizkit's got to find some catchier beats, throw away the R&B-type tracks and keep the head bopping metal feel alive. I enjoyed parts of this album, but it wasn't quite the complete package that I was expecting. Nonetheless, if you really enjoyed Limp Bizkit's previous material, then you'll probably enjoy this album too. Just don't expect it to take you to a higher level.

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This review was written October 29, 2000