Indecent Proposal

Blackground/Virgin Records
Ranking 6.75/10

One of the most prolific producers in hip hop is back with yet another album. Timbaland has certainly been able to keep himself quite busy doing production for a number of chart toping artists.

The release of Indecent Proposal marks the reunion of Timbland and Magoo after a brief stint apart. It's a reunion I very much looked forward to, as Timbaland's deep voice skillfully complements Magoo's high-pitched nasal delivery. Vocally, they are the ideal analogy of fire and ice.

With Indecent Proposal, Timbaland produces yet more of his trademark "hip hop meets club pop" beats. However, his usual originality and creativity seems a bit more stifled then I expected on this album. In fact, there were only four and a half truly standout tracks. The second single, 'All Yall' is definitely my favorite track. I can't get enough of its flute and laid-back vocals. 'People Like Myself,' 'I Am Music,' 'In Time' and the 2-minute outro of 'Drop' were also very impressive.

Despite the long lineup of featured artists, including Jay-Z, Ludacris, Aaliyah, Petey Pablo, and Twista, their deliveries were not all on point. This caused me to lose interest in several tracks. As well, Timbaland's beats seemed a little bit too standard and unoriginal. Therefore on the whole, I only found this album to be slightly above average. Definitely not Timbaland's best work!

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This review was written December 15, 2001