Fat Joe
Terror Squad / Atlantic / Warner
Ranking 3/10

In the rap game, the true sign of loyalty in the eyes of a fan is the release of a tight album. Unfortunately Fat Joe's latest release, Loyalty, doesn't live up to that billing.

The title track yields the hottest beat but unfortunately the featured verses of Armageddon, Prospect & Remy lack any relevant content. 'Born in the Ghetto' is another impressive joint, as it provides conscious content and features funk-tinged gangsta production. The Irv Gotti produced 'Turn Me On' proves catchy, but the beat sounds distinctively familiar. 'Prove Something' provides hot production from Cool & Dre, but lacks content beyond the album's overwhelming theme of arrogant thugged out gangsta shit. However, Fat Joe also mixes it up by lacing several tracks with pop R&B fluff. Key examples include the first single, 'Crush Tonight,' 'TS Piece,' and 'All I Need.'

Loyalty blends Fat Joe's gangsta style with the predominant R&B stylings of Tony Sunshine. This odd combination makes like a mix of water & oil - it just isn't pretty.

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(Originally posted on HipHopCanada.com)

This review was written January 4, 2002