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The B-Side: Indie Cent Exposure
DJ Neoteric
Futility Records
Ranking 4.5/5

The B-Side mixtape provided the remedy for my hip-hop blues. Neoteric skillfully chose an impressive selection of underground joints with heavy emphasis on Canadian content, all while smoothly blending the beats to create an invigorating hour+ mix.

It features exclusive verses from Canadian indies such as Kunga219, Fat Chicano, Birdapres, and the man, the myth, the legend: Cee!!!! Also present is some classic Buck 65 from back when he recorded as Stinkin Rich. His 'Chin Music,' despite being nearly 10 years old, provides the dopest beat on the album. Immortal Technique provides the grittiest and most emotion driven contribution on the album with the anti-music industry anthem 'Industrial Revolution.' Equally emotional is Non-Phixion's 'Caught Between Worlds.'

The 5-Heded R-Tard impress with a hard country tinged song displaying their unique off-the-wall style on 'Dirt Devils.' Peanuts & Corn leave their mark with John Smith's anthem-like 'Man Of The People' and Birdapres' 'None Missing (David Banner Remix).' Time Machine provide a feel-good funky track on 'Night Lights' reminiscent of Camp Lo's 'Black Nostaljack.'

It's refreshing to see a DJ reppin the Canadian content and mixing it nearly to perfection. Neoteric's The B-Side: Indie Cent Exposure was exactly what I was looking for to satisfy my summer hip-hop needs.

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This review was written June 28, 2004
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