Dreamworks/Universal Records
Ranking 7.5/10

Powerman 5000 (a.k.a. PM5K) have succeeded in raising their musical ability a tenfold notch from their debut album. This, their sophomore album, is dressed in a dark, energy-filled heavy metal outfit. Their style borders on that of White Zombie, in part because co-producer Ulrich Wild has worked White Zombie. It has a great diversity, with slow piano-ladden tracks, dj influenced tracks, and just straight out metal tracks. Their style also tinges with a hip hop feel via bass and clear rhyming lyrics.

Their first single, "When Worlds Collide" is amazing! Normally I don't sway from the rap and hip hop scene, but this song drew me in and I had to give PM5K a try. The chorus is extremely catchy and will dwell in your head all day. "Good Times Roll" features DJ Lethal of Limp Bizkit and has some amazing effects scratching and great guitar riffs that'll knock you off your feet. "Blast Off To Nowhere" features Rob Zombie. As well, the hidden track at the end of the album is a great, but short space-laden jam that is worth the wait.

PM5K have entered the mainstream at just the right time. I think that if they are given a chance they will captivate their listeners and gain a fair amount of attention. This album is full of energy and if you're a metal fan, you just might wanna give this album a listen.

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This review was written September 7, 1999