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This Iz Bizness
Street Scientz Entertainment
Ranking 3/5

Divo has checked in with his third album entitled This Iz Bizness. Produced almost entirely by Dubble J, the beats paint an impressively diverse landscape. Equally diverse is Divo's lyrical content, which ranges from club-orientation on the Truth Hurts sounding 'Take Me Home' to conscious storytelling on songs like 'Crash.'

'End It All' is my favorite, as it tells an intriguing story of rapper whose girlfriend cheats on him with his hype man on of all days - their anniversary. 'Anything I Desire' left me desiring nothing less than its catchy hook. Tara Chase and Eternia make strong appearances on the bone-chilling 'Crash,' which recounts the stories of a drunk driver and his victim. The remaining songs capitalize on Divo's wide range of resources including refined female & male R&B vocals at the hands of Khalel and Trishannah Jenties, along with featured appearances from big-name Canadians like Bishop, D-Sisive and DL Incognito.

I found it interesting how Dubble J was able to create beats, which at times reminded me of other bigger hits from all over the map. For example, 'Wreck The Mic' featuring DL Incognito sounded similar to DL's style and the bouncy 'Move remix' sounded similar to Brassmunk's style, while incidentally featured MayOne 9 (formerly of Brassmunk).

Divo has established himself with solid delivery, diverse content and relatively solid lyricism, although at times his lyrics failed to grab me. Ringing in with 19 tracks, This Iz Bizness might seem a bit long, but Divo's years of experience and Dubble J's beats make it a worthwhile listen.

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This review was written April 27, 2004
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