Rap-A-Lot/Virgin Records
Ranking 5/10

The trio of A.K., N.A.R.D., and Belo Zero are back in the mix with their third album, 'Victory.' The trio known as Do Or Die, hail from the Mid-West, which is also home to the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Interestingly enough, Do Or Die's style blends a little bit of a Bone Thug feel with gangsta lyrics over a variety of R&B, rap, and bounce beats. 'Victory' is predominantly solo album, featuring only big names to the effect of Ja Rule and Fatal (of the Outlawz).

"Bounce With Me" is just that, a clubbish, bounce track with an appealing off-beat scratch. "Stay Focused" is a lyrically deep R&B joint that feels more like a shout out to God. Other appealing tracks include "The Heist", "Keep It Real" and the first single, "Can U Make It Hot."

'Victory' is an average album. Do Or Die's style borders on a higher level, but lacks the extra sumthin sumthin to push them above the average. The beats and lyrics were at times impressive and at times very boring. As well, their style seemed too diverse. Do Or Die needs to find their niche, get comfortable and then refine their style to put it on point. Until that time, they're just another rap group trying to capitalize on the mainstream appeal of hip hop.

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This review was written September 26, 2000