Project Wyze

Sony (Canada)
Ranking 8.25/10

The release of Project Wyze's debut mainstream album, misfits.strangers.liars.friends, is the culmination of six years of hard work. Project Wyze blends hip hop rhymes with hardcore guitar riffs to produce an impressive style bordering on that of Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and Crazy Town. But this Ontario-based group, comprised of two vocalists, two guitarists, a bassist and a drummer, is still able to create their own unique style. Their two vocalists, Yas and Bobby, originated as hip hop emcees, which allows the group to take lyricism to a higher level. The lyrics flow extremely well with the hardcore guitar and beats, but these two emcees are also able to reach an upper echelon of conscious rap, and all that without turning to profanities. Their lyrics are clean and tight, and that's impressive.

"Erica" was my favorite track, as MCs Yas and Bobby weave lyrics back and forth at each other, feeding off each other's energy. The guitar, bass, drums and DJ Dopey all combine to create a mellow track, brimming with energy. The first single, "Nothing's What It Seems" teems with lyrical gems that break into a power packed guitar-laden chorus. "Running Away"'s chorus of "...everybody get up..." is reminiscent of pop band, 5ive's hit single, "Everybody Get Up". But the fusion of guitar saves the track and helps make it one of the best on the album.

I really enjoyed the debut album from Project Wyze. It's hard to admit, but misfits.strangers.liars.friends reminded me of Limp Bizkit's amazing Significant Other album. Project Wyze is definitely a very impressive Canadian band, and this album proves that they're on the rise.

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This review was written September 10, 2001