Brockway Entertainment is a Canadian urban music marketing & promotion company based in Ottawa, Ontario.

It was founded in 2002 in Fredericton, New Brunswick and has been on pause since 2011 due to health related issues of the owner.

Clients have included Classified, JRDN, Eternia, Skratch Bastid, Jorun Bombay, Wordburglar, Under Pressure Festival, D.O. Gibson & more.

The mission of Brockway Entertainment was to assist independent Canadian hip-hop artists in exposing their music via radio, press & print throughout North America.

The credentials of founder Brockway Biggs, include:

  • Creator of the Canadian Rap Future Superstars compilation series (2005-2011) providing international exposure for underground Canadian hip-hop artists.
  • Publicist in 2006 for Juno winners/nominees Classified, Eternia & Skratch Bastid.
  • Founded the bi-weekly Atlantic Canada Hip-Hop e-Newsletter (2004-2006).
  • Staff writer (2001-2005) for, which won the Canadian Urban Music Award for best online site in 2002, 2003 & 2004. View the archive (1998 onward)
  • Staff hip-hop writer (1998-2006) for university newspaper.
  • Nominated for Community Service Award at the 2005 Canadian Urban Music Awards (CUMA).
  • Nominated for Manager of the Year at the 2005 ECMA Awards.
  • Won a 2005 East Coast Music Award (ECMA) as an artist.


  • "I have mentioned to people within my office that I feel he has a good career ahead of him in artist management. I was impressed with the amount of buzz he has created for himself, especially on the east coast of Canada, which is always a difficult market for hip-hop. His business sense & presentation is impressive." - Christopher McKee, UMAC "Booking Agent of the Year", SL Feldman & Associates, Toronto, ON
  • "In the five years I have known him, he has consistently surprised me: he's gone from being a humble music reviewer to an ECMA winner, all because of his creative and persistent self-promotion. He has worked relentlessly toward his goals, never losing sight of reality, keeping his goals close and his friends even closer. I look forward to seeing what he'll accomplish next." - Sean Patrick Sullivan, President Canadian University Press, Editor-in-Chief - The Martlet, Vancouver, BC.
  • "He is a very well organized person. His projects show that he has taken the time to do his homework. Others could certainly benefit from his experience!" - Murielle Savoie, NB Sound Initiative Program Manager, Fredericton, NB
  • "He has been a national radio consultant on our latest album release of Classified - 'Boy-Cott-In The Industry.' We are very impressed with his solid work ethic and networking skills. " - Darryl Rodway, Urbnet Communications, Toronto, ON
  • "He was finally rewarded for his hard work winning an ECMA award. That award is a testimony to his determination and creativity in being able to find new and creative ways to market himself and his music. Other artists should take note." - Mark Roberts, "East Coast Music Show" Host, Capital-FM Radio, Fredericton, NB
  • "He has proven to be one of Atlantic Canada's most resourceful individuals as he has gained connections to almost every aspect of the business side of a musical career. His strive, persistence and ability to follow through with his work has deemed him as an influential part of Atlantic Canada's hip-hop scene." - Brian Pelrine aka DJ IV, DMC Moncton Champ, DJ for Universal Soul & Classified, Halifax, NS

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