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   1. Hold It Down Vol 2 DVD
   2. Brockway Biggs: Super Dude Shirts & Logo winner
   3. Online Hip-Hop Radio Show Listings
   4. !!! Contests Contest Contests !!!

1. Hold It Down Vol 2 DVD
   Featuring some of Canada's top hip-hop talent, the second DVD in the Hold It Down series sees Crigger-Nacker Films visit emcees in Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver. Chalked full of interviews, freestyles, live performances and more than ten Canadian music videos, the Double DVD does not disappoint. Interviews & exclusives with Belly, Bless, Classified, Divine Brown, DL Incognito, Red 1, Sans Pression, Saukrates and more.


   * Check the video trailer for a taste

   * Buy the DVD

2. Brockway Biggs: Super Dude Shirts & Logo winner
I've caved to demand and I'm doing another run of black Super Dude t-shirts. They will be available at Christmas time in Fredericton, and in Ottawa in the new year. If you want to reserve one, send me an email. For more info check Brockway Biggs store.

Ghettosocks of Alpha Flight Crew won the Brockway Biggs logo contest with his tag shown below. Thanks to everyone who submitted!

3. Online Hip-Hop Radio Show Listings
The online campus hip-hop show list has been updated! It lists more than 400 shows throughout the world. Many thanks to the several hundred DJs, show hosts and music directors who helped me get the list up to date!
    * Listing Sorted by Day & Time
    * Listing Sorted by Country & City

4. !!! Contests Galore !!!
I've got tons of prizes to give out in this newsletter, so be sure to enter by sending an email to theword(at)brockwayent(dot)com with the answer to this question:
   Name one of the major Canadian cities featured in the Hold It Down Vol 2 DVD. (Hint: the answer is in the newsletter - Item #1)
Deadline: December 10, 2006. Limit one entry per valid email address.

Prizes - Gear:
* Pimp Juice (St. Louis) - Nelly's energy drink. Leaps & bounds better than Red Bull.
           --> Winner: Brody H, French Lake, NB

* Under Pressure (Montreal) - This Canadian magazine is published twice per year. The festival celebrates all the elements and takes place every August.
           --> Winner: Ronald R, Surrey, BC

Prizes - CDs & DVDs:
* DJ Ducats (Ottawa) - Street Journey Mixtape Vol 6 - Hosted by Collizhun aka Tough Dumplin, this series' latest installment includes new tracks from Raekwon, Obie Trice and God Bless.
           --> Winner: IP of NWNB, Calgary, AB

* DJ Neoteric (Vancouver) - 'Exhibit Eh' - 80 minute collection of Canadian talent from across the country. Hosted by Maestro Fresh Wes and full of exclusives!
           --> Winner: ProJekSiun, Toronto, ON

* Grubbs (Winnipeg) - Plague City - Debut album produced by Khela.
           --> Winner: Stacey S, Saint John, NB

* Hold It Down Vol 2 DVD (Ottawa)
           --> Winner: Art J, Toronto, ON

* ICM Records (Montreal) - Legendary Gatherings - Featuring Toronto and Montreal emcees like Malicious, Velvet Trench Vibes, David Hodges, Bless, Second Thought, Rhythmicru & more.
           --> Winner: Sarah K, Bay Roberts, NL

* ICM Records (Montreal) - Facts of War - Featuring Toronto and Montreal emcees like Euphrates, Velvet Trench Vibes, Malicious, Second Thought, Rhythmicru & more.
           --> Winner: Justin R, St. John's, NL

* (Florida) - Underground Hip-Hop Compilation Vol 5 - Featuring El-P, Aceyalone, Murs, LA Symphony, Cappadonna, and Canada's Brockway Biggs, Hosted by Mr Lif (of Def Jux) & Lady Bug Mecca (of Digable Planets).
           --> Winner: J-Bru, Halifax, NS

* Up North Trip Vol 4 Compilation (Montreal) - Collection of top-notch Canadian hip-hop.
           --> Winner: Allen N, Ottawa, ON

* Wordburglar (Toronto) - Burglaritis - Combines classic lyricism and stand-up comedy-style delivery with banging beats. Exclaim's #1 Hip-hop Album 2 months running! (Oct & Nov 2006)
           --> Winner: Trevor F, Grand Bay-Westfield, NB

Troy aka Brockway Biggs

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