Date: 10 Sept 2000

By: Troy Neilson

Published in: The Aquinian

A cool Friday night breeze was all that stopped the local funk band, Kungfunkshun, from sizzling up in smoke. St. Thomas University capped off their frosh week festivities with high-energy performance by this ten-member band in front of over 500 people on LeeRoy Washburn field. One passerby was overheard saying, "This is by far the best part of frosh week yet! These guys rock!" Indeed, despite only four days practice together, Kungfunkshun once again put on a spectacular performance. After the show, drummer, Matt Brennan, stated "with this concert being a dry event, we were a little concerned that we might not generate the response we normally get from the bar scene. But, this tonight, it was overwhelming. The crowd was into it right from the very beginning."

Kungfunkshun filled the atmosphere with fluid funk, as each member of the band played a crucial role. The band members include: Matt Brennan on drums, with brief stints on the congos, beat boxing, and rapping. Christian Robichaud left all the STU girls abuzz with his amazing vocal performances. Tania Breen, the only female, also wooed the guys with her luscious vocals. David Myles, as the lyrical juggernaut and on trumpet. Pat Nussey a.k.a. Mr. James Brown on electric guitar and vocals for "Sex Machine." Ben Goodyear on bass, Kareem Elhawary on congos and drums, Andy McLaughlin on guitar, Jordan MacDonald on keyboard and Matt Robinson on trumpet.

Kungfunkshun kept the crowd grooving by performing a selection of cover song ranging from Kool & The Gang's "Celebration", Young MC's "Busta Move", The Commodores' "Brick House," Carl Douglas' "Kung Fu Fighting," Limp Bizkit's "Faith," War's "Low Rider", Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" and many more classic funk/hip hop tunes. They also performed their own funked up track, "Wild" for the very first time. As if there weren't already enough icing on the cake, STU orientation organized a very impressive fireworks display between Kungfunkshun's first and second sets.

Kungfunkshun really knows how to put on a great show. The STU frosh concert was a big success, leaving many a student in the 'feel good' mode to start off the year. As well, there are rumors swirling, that Pimp-T might be making a featured guest appearance with the band in the future. Kungfunkshun has talent, style and the ability to get you funked, wrapped up into one scintillating act. So if you missed them this time, you won't want to miss them on New Years!

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