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The Essentials: Getting Your Album or Vinyl out

   * Releasing a CD: Essential Steps for Canadians.
         Nielsen Broadcast Data Services (BDS)
         Gracenote CDDB
         Legal Deposit

   * CD Packaging Checklist    -    CD Packaging Logos (stored in a .zip file).

   * 'So You're Gonna Put Out An Album' by myself (Trizoy) at

   * VideoFACT/Video Tips.

   * 12" Vinyl Tips.


   * Sample Distribution Contract from a FACTOR-Recognized Distributor (in pdf format - Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

   * Extra Distribution Information: (in pdf - Requires Acrobat Reader) OR (in MS Word).

   * Check out SOCAN's Guide to digital music platforms.

Sample Clearance

Some industry folks advise that if you're not on a major label and don't anticipate that the song will receive much video and/or radio play, then it might not be necessary to clear the sample. As well, it depends how prominent the sample is in the song.

If your song does contain a sample you want to clear, the process requires two steps:

1. Obtain a mechanical license to reproduce the sample on your CD. In Canada, the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency (CMRRA) represents a large number of musical works. You can search their database to see if the work is there. The standard royalty rate is close to 8 cents per sample per unit manufactured. So manufacturing 100 CDs with one sample would cost 100 * $0.08 = $8. Contact CMRRA with questions -

2. Performance royalty agreement (SOCAN). When it comes to actually performing the song live, there are no special permission's or licenses you need to acquire. You can perform the work anytime. Now if you want to claim royalties as a performer from either radio, TV or anything else, you will need to come to an agreement with whomever owns the work or the publishing company. If you know where the sample is from, the contact information should be on the CD or LP. Contact SOCAN with questions -

Websites - Grant Agencies

   * MuchFact
   * Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Records (FACTOR)
   * Ontario Arts Board
   * New Brunswick Arts Board (NBAB)
   * MusicAction
   * Radio Starmaker Fund
   * Canada Council for the Arts
   * Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) Music Fund
   * Bravo!FACT

Websites - Artist Associations

   * Music Nouveau Brunswick
   * East Coast Music Association (ECMA)

Websites - Other Useful Sites

   * SOCAN - Canadian artists sign up!
   * SoundScan
   * Canadian Independent Recording Artists' Association (CIRAA)
   * Canadian Small Business Income Tax Guide
   * Canada Revenue Agency - Performing Artist Info
   * Canadian Copyrights
   * Canadian Trademarks
   * US Trademarks
   * ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) - (US Version of SOCAN)
   * BMI (US version of SOCAN)
   * SESAC (US version of SOCAN)

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