Royalties & Monetization

High level summary for English indie hip-hop artists.

  1. (optional) Create your own ISRC codes with CONNECT.
  2. (optional) Get contracts in place for your songs
  3. Ensure your songs have been uploaded to Nielsen BDS.
  4. Register your title with MediaBase (Nielsen BDS was merged with MediaBase in Nov 2022)
  5. Royalties: Composition/Publisher + Performance: Sign up with SOCAN.
  6. Royalties: Composition/Publisher + Mechanicals: Sign up with SOCAN-RR (formerly SODRAC). CMRRA is another great option, but is aimed more toward publishers.
  7. Royalties: Master recording + Performance: Sign up with ACTRA RACS or MROC.
    • Note: You donít need to sign up with SoundExchange because the Canadian agencies collect from them. However, there is an 4.5% admin fee.
  8. Royalties: Master recording + Revenues: Sign up with CONNECT
  9. Royalties: Monetizing: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram
  10. (optional) Register with Luminate (formerly SoundScan) if you want to track sales for Billboard charting
  11. (optional) Future: Royalties for producers. TBD.
  12. (optional) Read this article about percentages for beatmakers:

Recipes (2020)

   Check out our recipes section.

The Essentials: Getting Your Album or Vinyl out (2006)

   * Releasing a CD: Essential Steps for Canadians.
         Nielsen Broadcast Data Services (BDS)
         Legal Deposit

   * CD Packaging Checklist    -    CD Packaging Logos (stored in a .zip file).

   * 'So You're Gonna Put Out An Album' by myself (Trizoy) at

   * 12" Vinyl Tips.

Distribution (2008)

   * Sample Distribution Contract from a FACTOR-Recognized Distributor (in pdf format - Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

   * Extra Distribution Information: (in pdf - Requires Acrobat Reader) OR (in MS Word).

   * Check out SOCAN's Guide to digital music platforms.

Websites - Grant Agencies (2005)

Websites - Other Useful Sites (2008)

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