CD Packaging Checklist Intro

This was taken from the New Brunswick Sound Initiatives (NBSI) website, with some modifications made by myself.

Many of you are preparing to release your new CD. In the excitement of finishing your studio work, you may forget some important details regarding your CD packaging. As with everything, first impressions do count! Consider that your press kit and CD will often get separated, so the CD itself should provide all necessary information.

Make sure you include the following details regarding your CD packaging.

These should be printed on the back of your CD jacket:

* Track list with tracks numbered, and length of each song given (especially if you will be shipping to radio)

* Your copyright notice (indicating the year of production, your name, and the (c) symbol), also, copyright notice referring to who owns the master recording (indicated with the (P) symbol) - Download it below

* A statement prohibiting reproduction e.g. "All Rights Reserved. Warning: Unauthorized Reproduction, Copying and Rental of this Recording is Prohibited by Law."

* A bar code - necessary if distributing to retail outlets. (Your manufacturer can usually obtain this for you.) It's not advisable to place a bar code into the design yourself - as manipulation may effects its "readability" by electronic scanners. You need to obtain separate bar codes for CDs and cassettes (as they are two different items and two different prices).

* Logos of any agencies from which you received funding, along with any other sponsors' logos.

* The MAPL logo - necessary if shipping to radio in Canada. Available here:

* Logos of any agencies from which you received funding, along with any other sponsors' logos. Some of which are available here:

* Your catalogue number (a.k.a. release or matrix number - on the album's spine) should be placed on ALL elements of your album. You make up your own, unless your label has assigned one. It identifies your disc at the manufacturing plant, and is used by record stores for cataloguing.

* The Distributor's name if you have a distribution agreement in place.

These items should be printed on the CD itself:

- Artist name and CD title
- The MAPL logo (if it's Canadian content)
- Your copyright notice (see above)
- The "compact disc" logo MUST be clearly seen
- Your catalogue number
- "Made in Canada" / "Fabriqué au Canada"

These should be printed on the CD insert:

- If you can afford it, printing the lyrics out is really handy for those who will review your CD or consider it for airplay.
- Songwriters, musicians and producers should be clearly indicated for each track.
- Writer and publisher credits (copyrights)
- Contact info - address PLUS email or phone is best
- Acknowledgments. Appropriate credits should be given to people, companies that have contributed to your recording.
- Production Team and Studio Information should be clearly indicated.

And on the front cover:

- Artist name and title of CD. Make it obvious which is which. Think about how your product is displayed on retail shelves.

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